The Developmental Effects of Ankyloglossia and Upper-Lip Ties

In recent years, the buzzword around breastfeeding difficulties is “Lip and/or Tongue-Ties.” Ask on any social media site, as Milk Meg Nagel (2015) did, about pain while breastfeeding and the responses will be instant telling people to get their baby checked for lip and tongue-ties.  An overly tight frenulum is medically referred to as Ankyloglossia, colloquially referenced as a tongue-tie. This paper will look at Attachment Theory, and how it relates to breastfeeding.

Math 1040 eportfolio SLCC Introduction To Statistics

Click here for the link to the pdf of the complete eportfolio including graphics, formulas and data summaries.

A summery of my Stats class

Over the course of the semester detailed statistical work was done using data, collected by Gary Alt and Minitab Inc., on measurements from bears.  Using the Statscrunch software, Excel, calculators, and formulas,  skills were develop for understanding data, extrapolating meaning from the numbers, and graphing.

Help Nurse in Public Tips 4 for Less than Helpful "Advice"

There may be no breastfeeding topic more controversial than nursing in public. Just about every week there is another news report of a mother, and her baby, being harassed across the country.  One of the worst parts of these incidences comes from comments made about nursing in public. The comments will range from support, to those that are intended to be helpful, but really are not, and those that are downright hurtful and harmful. I suggest listening to the positive comments.

Nanny Goat

Nanny Goat


Across the street from the USU-Tooele Campus there is a small family farm. The goats are friendly and people are welcome to pet them. There is even a vending machine with a variety of goat treats that you can give the goats. Sara, the nanny for the farmer’s human kids, took my husband, toddler, and I, along with the children she watches and her son, into the field to meet the goats.


FarmVille 2: Escaping the City to For the Farm Life

FarmVille 2: ­­­­­­­­­­­Escaping the City to Be On the Farm


Looking out over the farm; you can see cows, chickens, and vegetables a plenty.  So much work to be done, so little time, yet in Farmville you can simply walk away and return when you want to escape the busy life.  Welcome to FarmVille2.