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TB&B goes to Salt Lake ComicCon

                For those of you who don’t know me in person, I am a big geek.  During my first date with my husband we talked about Dungeons and Dragons.  My wedding was Middle Earth themed, and the ceremony was in Sindarin.  I have gone to GenCon and ComicCon. I spend more on costumes then technology.  I have run my own table top gaming store, and I offer fantasy birth packages to my doula clients. So when I heard that Salt Lake was getting its own ComicCon, it was a no brainer that I would be attending. When I read their website and found it was to be a family friendly event, there was no stopping me. 

                ComicCons and Cons in general, give people an opportunity to be another person for a few days, in a practice called- Cosplay.  Cosplayers pride themselves on elaborate costumes, and being able to act like the person they are dressed as.  I myself love to dress up for cons.

At the Salt Lake Comic Con many people dressed up as their favorite characters.  Many of these costumes worn are meant to be ooze sex appeal. There were many of these that were still tasteful while being sexy.  These women were confident and are examples of how someone can dress sexy and still respect themselves. I would not have a problem with my daughters wanting to be like them, or my sons admiring them. 

Jean GreyLeiaYuna

Comiccon SLCPrincesses

     Then you have the women who choose to dress proactively for the sake of being sexy.  They would be embarrassed if their fathers saw them. Women who dress for sexy shock appeal give female cosplayers, and comic conventions a bad name. A woman who disrespects themselves and thinks the only way to get attention is to flaunt their bodies’ makes it harder for all of us. The mentality that breasts are for sex, and not food, is embodied by those who dress for sex.  I am sure these women did not dress to oppress, but it is an inadvertent side effect. There is a whole profession called booth babes; which are women that are paid to look sexy at events to get people to come to their booths. I work hard to counter the notion that breasts are only for sex mentality, going as far as telling everyone that I would be breastfeeding uncovered at Comic Con. 

Booth Babes

However, it is during the darkest night, that light shines the brightest. There were moms and dads are shining examples of being good parents.  They were having fun with their children, and creating family memories. I heard one mother, while I was nursing, walk past and say look that way, pointing in my direction, because the other side was too scary. For every parent that doesn’t hide breastfeeding the next generation will have more respect for women, and breastfeeding will become more normalized. 

I breastfed at ComicCon, and I wasn’t the only one. Every day, everywhere, that we breastfeed in public we make a difference.

More businesses are becoming aware of the laws and support those that chose the feed their children as nature intended. The man in orange runs a game store called Game Haven that I have breastfed in a number of times.  There mostly young male clientele, have even given me a fist in the air saying “I support.”   


These beautiful moms-to-be will hopeful have a greater fighting chance at breastfeeding success with each one of us that takes a stand against oppression. We can be our own super heros in our own tales, fighting for what we believe is right.